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Life in the time of Corona


Each day I wake up and it’s literally that scene in Groundhogs Day when Bill Murray looks at the clock and as it flips over, he realizes that it’s all about to happen again. I stop for a second and the cold realization seeps in and I think, should I get up or just roll over. And then all the responsibility I feel overtakes me and I know I have no choice but to get up. I must admit, I’m proud of myself that I get dressed every day – and sometimes I even wear jeans to walk down to the kitchen to work. However, it’s really just a spot check to make sure they still fit. My kids have been on “Spring break” for 2 weeks so they will be starting online classes tomorrow. Jack is a senior and is already accepted into college – does anyone think he’s going to actually do any work? When this all started, I remember thinking, please let him have a prom and a graduation and now I just pray he goes to college in the fall. For 2 weeks he has not shaved and has been playing his Xbox in the basement. If anyone ever wondered what life would be like if you had son who had no job, never shaved and lived in your basement, I now know firsthand the absolute horror of that concept. When I hear him yelling at the game at 3 am, my blood runs cold. I know he’s talking and playing with friends so truthfully; I vacillate between wanting to toss that thing or kiss it.  
  My Ava turned Sweet 16 on March 27th and had to have a virtual birthday party on Instagram Live hosted by her Mother. What can I say? It was embarrassing, memorable and funny in a truly weird way! Ok, so I had a glass of wine and tried to do the TikTok Savage dance, so it was actually really funny. I hope someday she will forgive me. It’s been nearly a week and she’s starting to make eye contact again, so I’m hopeful.
  Our business has been going strong since 1999 and while I know we will forge on, the overwhelming sense of responsibility I feel each day can be hard. Our team has been just so amazing! Each day, we motivate each other with a great story or hilarious old pictures from proms, graduations, and who doesn’t love a good baby pic of the COO?? In just a few short weeks, I’ve come to understand what leadership and teamwork truly means! I am proud of how we are working together to keep on delivering our products to customers and retailers. I’m proud of our social and marketing teams for creating great content and keeping our message and brand alive. Everyone is working to do their part in making sure Fairy Tales and TBH Kids gets through COVID19. Thank you to everyone and I promise to keep steering our ship and practicing that damn TikTok dance!   Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family