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Too Soon for Senioritis❓

We made it through September! Back to School time is always so hectic isn’t it? There are so many moving parts and getting everyone into a routine is nothing short of exhausting. When my kids were little, I thought the bedtime and early morning routine were the hardest things to get used to. Guess what? It still is! How many times do you think we yell “get out of bed” in our lifetime?? Now that Jack drives Ava to school (tbh, seriously awesome perk to kids growing up), we now have a fight each morning because Jack is a morning person and Ava is not. He likes to leave early and she runs in as the bell is ringing. Bigger kids, bigger problems.

It is officially senior year for my boy. I just got an email about his Senior yearbook page. They want 3-4 pictures of Jack through the years. How rude, right?? 3-400 would be much easier! I’m channeling my Mrs. Goldberg again! I can’t believe my shmoopie is going to college. The cliché is true – it goes by way too fast. We have spent the last few months visiting colleges together and spending this time with Jack alone was amazing. I love plotting our journeys; trains, planes, automobiles is our motto. We have searched out restaurants, local landmarks and we know the location of all sushi places within a 10-mile radius of most major college campuses if anyone needs.

The football season is winding down as well and I am so proud of myself for not yanking him off the field. I hate to admit this, but Saturdays have been a lot of fun with the team Moms at the games, yelling and screaming for just one victory. Jack made a first down last week and I am horrified to admit, I yelled “that’s my boy!” at the top of my lungs. I guess I can still surprise myself.

The school year is in full swing and I’m all too aware that June is around the corner. I know that one chapter is starting to close, and another is opening. I will ignore the “Ava, I’m leaving without you NOW” speech I hear every morning because I earned this time where I don’t have to put on a coat over my PJs and sit on that darn drop off line! Gotta be grateful for the little things, right?

Happy October!

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family