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Check out our outbreak map and zip code report below.

ZIP codes with lice outbreaks reported in the last 60 days
    • 35242
      • 85260
      • 91604
      • 91706
      • 92056
      • 92130
      • 92220
      • 92656
      • 95134
      • 95212
      • 95949
      >> more
        • 06118
        • 06226
        • 06340
        >> more
        Dist of Columbia
            • 32277
            • 33432
            • 33917
            • 34233
            • 34266
            • 34453
            • 34604
            >> more
            • 30114
            • 31523
                  • 60134
                  • 60491
                  • 60618
                  • 61008
                  • 61108
                  • 61858
                  >> more
                  • 46140
                  • 46805
                        • 01830
                        • 02556
                        • 21502
                            • 55309
                              • 39574
                              • 59901
                              North Carolina
                              • 27577
                              • 28602
                              North Dakota
                              • 58078
                              • 58854
                                New Hampshire
                                • 03818
                                New Jersey
                                  New Mexico
                                      New York
                                      • 10003
                                      • 10567
                                      • 11203
                                      • 11212
                                      • 11718
                                      • 13021
                                      • 13036
                                      • 13069
                                      • 13126
                                      • 13136
                                      • 13357
                                      >> more
                                      • 43953
                                      • 45342
                                      • 73004
                                      • 73170
                                      • 74006
                                      >> more
                                      • 97005
                                      • 18966
                                      Rhode Island
                                        South Carolina
                                          South Dakota
                                            • 37075
                                            • 37085
                                            • 37421
                                            • 37777
                                            >> more
                                            • 75068
                                            • 76131
                                            • 76226
                                            • 76244
                                            • 76542
                                            • 77070
                                            • 77479
                                            • 78249
                                            • 78664
                                            • 78748
                                            • 79413
                                            >> more
                                            • 84094
                                            • 22701
                                            • 23188
                                            • 24015
                                            • 24018
                                            >> more
                                              • 98007
                                              • 98043
                                              • 98201
                                              >> more
                                              • 53204
                                              West Virginia

                                                  Outbreak at School! Help!

                                                  Don’t panic! Remember, lice are a nuisance but not a health issue.

                                                  1. Do a head check. Siblings too!
                                                  2. Amp up prevention! Use Rosemary Repel™ Hair Care daily
                                                  3. Follow lice prevention tips
                                                  4. Found something? Use Lice Good-Bye® for natural removal

                                                  We Have Lice at Home! Help!

                                                  Again, don’t panic! We’re here for you. Here’s what you need to do:

                                                  1. Prepare things you need for removing lice
                                                  2. Follow our Lice removal Treatment Step-by-Step Guide
                                                  3. Check family and house
                                                  4. Learn how to prevent head lice in the future

                                                  Step-by-Step Instructions

                                                  1. 1. Treat

                                                    Pump 4-6 puffs of Lice Good-Bye® Natural Treatment into your hands. Have children hold washcloth over their eyes for protection when you’re applying the foam. Saturate the hair thoroughly, working the foam throughout layers with a massaging motion between fingertips to help loosen the nit “glue”. Apply more, as needed, for full coverage. Let sit for 15 minutes. Do not rinse.

                                                  2. 2. Comb

                                                    Part the hair down the middle and clip up one side. Take down a small section from the clip, and moisten with Rosemary Repel™ Conditioning Spray. This will help detangle the hair, and it is proven easier and more effective to comb through a smoother surface.

                                                    Now comb through the first small section using the Terminator Nit-Free Comb. Always start at the scalp to catch and remove lice. To ensure removal of all nits, which can be attached to bottom or sides of the hair shaft, be sure to comb each section from 4 directions: from above, from below and each side. The Lice Good-Bye® Natural Treatment will have dissolved the sticky nit glue to allow for easy removal.

                                                    Continue to take down small sections, dampening the hair and combing thoroughly, section by section, as you work throughout the first side. Pay special attention to the hot spots: behind the ears, back of the neck and along part lines. Once completed, clip up the other side and repeat the process.

                                                  3. 3. Wipe

                                                    Wipe any residue after each pass on a wet wipe or paper towel where you can easily see any lice or nits (eggs). Be sure to deposit refuse in a zip-lock bag to contain any live bugs. Rinse comb under warm water between uses.

                                                  4. 4. Inspect

                                                    Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. Cover children’s eyes for protection. Comb through sections with Fairy Tales Terminator Nit-Free Comb as a final check for remaining lice or nits.

                                                    Repeat treatment and combing, as needed. The great news is with a natural treatment you don’t have to wait to do a follow-up treatment.

                                                  What You May Find When Treating Head Lice

                                                  • Lice are grayish brown and about the size of a sesame seed. They are found directly on the scalp and move quickly.
                                                  • Nits are tiny grayish sacks attached to the hair shaft about 1/4 – 1/2 inch from the scalp. They are almost impossible to dislodge without the natural enzyme found in Lice Good-Bye® that dissolves the nit “glue”.

                                                  Check Your Family and House

                                                  • It’s a good idea to check the entire family. Siblings and adults can be at risk.
                                                  • Wash all bedding in hot water and dry on the hottest setting.
                                                  • Stuffed animals and blankies can be washed and dried on high heat or placed in sealed bag for 48 hours. Remember, lice cannot survive off the head for more than 36 hours.
                                                  • Gather recently worn clothing such as hats, jackets and tops and dry on hottest setting or place in sealed bag for 48 hours as well.
                                                  • Vacuum all surfaces. Carpets, flooring, couches, car seats, too! Furniture sprays are unnecessary and can contain harmful chemicals.
                                                  • Combs and brushes should be replaced or soaked in hot water. Hair ties, headbands, etc. should also be washed or bagged for 48 hours.

                                                  We’re Lice Free! Now What?

                                                  Re-checking your child regularly and using prevention products daily are the most important things you can do right now.

                                                  • Check the “hot spots” nightly with the Fairy Tales Terminator Comb using Lice Good-Bye to spot check. Repeat for 7-10 days after an infestation. You can check every 2-3 days for lighter cases.
                                                  • Rosemary Repel™ products are proven to help prevent head lice. You can use them as your daily shampoo, conditioner and styling aid. Our ingredients cleanse, soften, detangle AND the natural oils of rosemary, citronella, tea tree, lavender and peppermint are proven safe, gentle and effective to help keep the bugs away.
                                                  • Rosemary Repel™ Conditioning Spray is the must-have to use EACH morning before school, preschool or day camp. Spray the entire head generously, as well as shoulders, neck, backpacks and insides of collars, hats, hoodies and hoods.
                                                  • Keep long hair up in a ponytail or braid. Using Rosemary Repel™ Hair Spray will coat the hair to secure the style and make it difficult for lice to attach. For shorter hair, try Rosemary Repel® Styling Gel. Great to spike it up, slick it back and help keep the bugs away.
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