Clip-On Mask Bag Clip-On Mask Bag
Face Mask Face Mask
Mask Bag & Sanitizer Mask Bag & Sanitizer
Mask Bag & Face Mask Mask Bag & Face Mask
NO harsh chemicals, toxins, parabens or sulfates.
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Build your own Mask Kit

Mix & Match... just for you:


(2 customer reviews)

Reduce disease causing bacteria!

  • Kit Includes Clip-On Bag, FTHC Hand Sanitizer and FTHC Face Mask
  • Clip-On Mask Bag to attach to your backpack, lunch box or purse
  • Adjustable FTHC Face Mask for an extra layer of protection
  • 3.3oz Hand Sanitizer for total Protection

*FTHC Hand Sanitizer not available for expedited shipping*