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Karen Smith

My youngest came home last year with nits since then I have used you shampoo, conditioner, leave- in, and the spray and shield. I also run a daycare in my home had an outbreak of lice at school 5 of my daycare kids had it.

I saw my girls h

Kristen C

This the only line of haircare that worked on my daughter's hair when infestation went around her grade and she had it twice before using this and once started this program she never(knock on wood) got it again! Now we use it every school day!

Jenn C.

Good morning. I'm writing to you today to tell you what an amazing product you have. Back in June, I took my daughter for a haircut and my hairdresser (thankfully she was a friend of mine) discovered lice in her hair. Of course I was devastated an

Elizabeth Ferrara

After living adjacent to the Ocala National Forest in rural Florida for the past 8 years, my husband and I had become resigned to the fact that insect bites were just an unavoidable fact of being outdoors. That all changed once we were introduced


Great products! Thanks for the peace of mind. Keep up the good work and thank you for making our job a little easier.

Tonya WoolIne

I really love your products! Both of my daughters had lice and I thought I would lose my mind!! Once I got rid of them I began using your products on them - wish I had known about them before hand! So far (knock on wood) we have had no other signs

Lisa Ryan

Thank You for your fantastic products.I"ve been using your Rosemary Repel Duo 32oz.on my daughter for 8yrs.,and will continue to do so.We love it. My daughter loves the smell,softness and the silky shine it leaves. It's a mothers' blessing. Also n

Dana T

As a 25 year old, getting lice *IS* the last thing I thought I'd face. In fact, I never even had it growing up as a kid. That all changed last year when I got it from some children at my job (I work at an elementary school). The process of nit pic

Melissa S

I just started using Fairy Tales this past March after my daughter brought lice home from school, now we use Rosemary Repel shampoo and leave in spray every day, I love it, it smells great and her hair has never been softer, detangles great and leave


♥ FAIRY TALES!!! My 3 daughters ended up with head lice last summer and ONLY AFTER I ordered FAIRY TALES products did we get rid of it! And KEPT IT AWAY!!! THANKS FAIRY TALES for AMAZING products !