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We had been fighting lice for a month and a half. Every-time we thought it was gone my daughter would bring it home from school again. I treated with the chemicals and my poor girls hair was dry and nasty and their heads were raw.

The 3 yr old and 2 yr old would cry every-time I mentioned combing through their hair. The lice combs were not effective and I would have to pull the nits out with my fingernails. I finally got fed up with lice and posted on facebook for some advice. Some body mentioned your product and I was questionable at first but ordered it anyway. The day it arrived I retreated every one in the house and combed through their hair. The lice comb was a miracle. The nits actually came out on the comb. Thanks to your hair products we are finally lice free. We have been for 3 days. My children will not miss one day with the protective shield of your products ever again. I will be ordering from you whenever we get low. It was so worth my money. Thank you Fairy Tales hair products for saving me when I was at my wits end.