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So happy!! My daughter had a lice problem we could not fix due to the school not checking kids, so we have treated her countless times, but with other kids in the class left untreated, our efforts are worthless. She’s been miserable for months.

I bought the comb, thinking, “man this is expensive for a comb, but gotta give it a try.” First of, I didn’t follow the instructions. We wanted to do a quick comb thru with some mayo in the shower. I did not section off the hair. I just combed. The prongs are long enough to get through all her hair at once and it is unbelieveably efficient. I wiped the comb on tissue in between and literally, thousands of nits and maybe 20 bugs. I am so pleased, that I am going to get some of the repel products and keep brushing her hair with the comb daily. I am a believer. Fantastic. Thank you!