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Just a day ago, I was introduced to your products. My head was itching and I thought it was due to a change in my shampoo. Then when my 3 daughters all mentioned that they had itchy heads…and my oldest then brushed her hair and a bug was in her hand.

The light bulb clicked. We aren’t allergic to the new shampoo, we have lice! It was very late and there was only one option for treatments. Over the counter, high chemical stuff. We stocked up and stayed up late working on our hair. (And doing laundry.) The next day, I posted something on facebook and a friend told me about your products. She highly recommended them. I drove 35 minutes away to the closest store and purchased the moose, the shampoo, the spray on conditioner, the repel spray, and a comb. I came home and redid all my kids heads and my husband took care of mine. I could not believe how much was still in our hair from the first chemical treatment! The stuff I saw on your comb was amazing. I was so grateful. I was also so grateful that if it didn’t work, I would do it again (and not wait 7 days)! Lucky for us, we did not have to do a repeat process. The next morning, no signs of lice in any of our hair. I even used the shampoo. Now of course, I had the longest hair and combing for 2 hours was too much… so I got a hair cut. A mom can only be down for so long! THANK YOU! I am recommending this to everyone!
– Melissa .S,