Jan 14, 2022

2022 Don't Disapoint

2022 Don't Disapoint

OMG!! This is all just too much for me these days! I cannot believe the number of things I could RANT about right now. The question is where to start??

 “Instead of celebrating on New Year’s Eve I think we should see how 2022 is going and maybe schedule something for July?”  How perfect is that and why didn’t this become mandatory?? 

You know what I did on NYE – NOTHING! And you know who I did it with NO ONE! I allowed my kids to go to friends and I had sushi and went to bed at 11 pm.  The only thing I regret about that is not staying up to watch Andy Cohen get drunk on live TV. At least someone had a good time!

With my kids home from school, I was hoping to enjoy days in NYC and around our town with them and our friends.  Instead, my son spends so much time on his X-Box that I have nightmares his brain is being rewired and turning to mush.  Ava has made more TikTok videos than humanly possible and while they are super funny, I now watch them looking for subliminal messages that she is secretly in distress!  

Our holiday break literally was like a scene from The Twilight Zone.  Time lost all meaning; showers and mealtimes happened sporadically and briefly.  At some point, I do recall asking Jack if he had showered in the last few days, but I quickly changed the subject because I didn’t want him to ask me the same question! I am not proud, but I must confess that my hair was in knot on top of my head for days and I needed to use the TBH Shampoo to get it super clean! I have to say, that shampoo for oily hair really works 😊 

Oh 2022, please don’t disappoint! I had such high hopes! I was going to train for a half marathon on my Peloton, but sadly it’s become a coat hanger.  I was going to try and eat a plant-based diet, but sadly the dairy in all the ice cream I eat has put that plan on hold as well. 

The one thing I have not bought into is this dry January.  There is only so much misery one woman can take!

Ok, bring it on – RANT away with me! What was your highest and lowest moment this holiday season!  Please share – misery loves company!  risa@fairytaleshaircare.com



Risa Barash,
Founder & Owner of the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family