Dec 02, 2020

5 Mistakes That Are Making Your Child’s Hair More Tangled

5 Mistakes That Are Making Your Child’s Hair More Tangled


Little one’s tangled hair got you pulling out your own? Detangling knotty hair can be such an annoyance, especially when our kids are fighting against us. Not to mention, detangling the bird’s nest in the back of your child’s hair is probably painful to them too. So what gives?

What’s Causing Your Child’s Tangled Hair?
Kids tangled hair seems constant, especially if the length is longer. But knotty hair doesn’t have to be the norm. Taking measures to prevent knotty hair will help you avoid tearing out your own! Here’s a list of mistakes you could be making that may cause tangled hair:

1. Not detangling your hair correctly – Believe it or not, trying to detangle your child’s hair while it’s wet is the wrong way to do. Wet hair is weaker leaving it more prone to breakage and damage during a serious detangling session. Instead focus on working through tangles with a wide-tooth comb or paddle detangling brush before entering the shower (or bath). Once all the knots are out, it’s a green light to shampoo and condition. It’s also a good idea to spritz on a kids detangling spray to damp hair before combing through the tangles.


2. Product buildup – Avoid excessively using products like dry shampoo and other leave-in treatments on your child’s hair. Over time the ingredients will buildup on the hair follicle causing irritation, hair loss, and even infection. Limit product use to a few times per week and be sure to shampoo and condition hair regularly.


3. Using heat tools without any protection – Since wet hair is weak and fragile, using heat products while hair is wet is a big mistake. Protect your child’s hair by spritzing on a hair protectant serum before using heat tools or combing their wet hair.


4. Brushing too often – Brushing hair too often can actually be a bad thing for your child’s hair because it puts excessive strain on the scalp, which leads to more breakage and even hair loss. Limit brushing to once in the AM and once in the evening.


5. Not removing tangles slowly and carefully – Attacking the knots fiery and fiercely is not the way to go. Ripping through tangles too quickly won’t get the tangles out faster and will likely lead to serious breakage. Don’t rush. Take your time. Start at the ends and work you way up towards the scalp. Consider dividing the hair into sections if needed.

Where to Find Natural Hair Products That Helps Kids Tangled Hair
The best way to minimize damage is to use a detangling product on your child’s wet hair before combing or working through tangles. Fairy Tales Hair Care’s Tangle Tamer kids shampoo, conditioner, and kids detangling spray contain only natural ingredients like keratin extracts and provitamins to strengthen, detangle, and keep hair static free. Plus, they’re free of harsh chemicals, toxins, parabens and sulfates.

Detangle and smooth out unruly knots naturally! Fairy Tales Hair Care’s Tangle Tamer trio comes with a natural detangling shampoo, conditioner, and static-free detangling spray that are proven to effectively handle knots.

Stay safe, be smart and be well.

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family