Apr 08, 2015

Venture Outdoors & Keep the Bugs Away


Spring will eventually be here to stay, I am told.

I’m beginning to doubt Mother Nature. We’re not too close, she and I.

I’ll be honest… I’m not much of a nature buff. I could lie and say I happily wake each morning to the songs of birds. I immediately and joyfully leap out of bed and dance down our sunlit stairs. I slip on my well-worn sneakers and venture out for a run on the morning dew-lined streets, beaming and grateful to be alive.

This is not my morning fairy tale–never was, never will be.

I do wake to the sounds of birds–a 5 am cacophony of horror–and I curse them every morning, there I said it. I could try the morning run thing but I would probably trip and break my neck amidst all the sneezing and eye scratching. Plus, I make this really weird sound in my throat that brings even the toughest neighborhood bullies to tears.

You see, I am allergic to grass and trees. How ridiculous is that? Genetically speaking, I am predisposed to be a recluse! What kind of lonely childhood did I have, you might be thinking? What kind of message do I send my children when every spring I curse the lovely blooms and refuse to open the hermetically sealed windows?

Our poor son Jack got the short straw. He inherited my curly hair, round cheeks and my allergies. Kid looks just like me too, it’s kind of weird. For my mini-me, I have developed Rosemary Repel Gel® for his curls and Bug Bandit® DEET-free mosquito repellent for his sensitive skin. We shake it up and spray it often. It really does work!

——————————— Lice Lady Tips for Spring Survival:

Avoid the Itch. Soybean oil mixed with Lemon Eucalyptus can repel mosquitoes for up to 90 minutes. Our Bug Bandit® DEET free mosquito repellent is loaded with lemon eucalyptus, rosemary, citronella, cedar bark and peppermint oils all in a soybean oil base. Keep mosquitoes and other insects away! • Stay Cool. In spring we should change the direction of our ceiling fans. The standard counterclockwise direction provides a pleasant breeze during warm months, while in winter we should run the fan clockwise. • Embrace Change. Children’s bone structure won’t be set until their early 20’s because so many genes are involved, including those for growth, bone development, and even fat deposits. (This one is for my Jackie D!) Hang in there, our kids grow up so fast. Enjoy the madness!

Whether you are in love with the great outdoors or prefer Hazmat suits in spring like me, I hope this spring brings many new opportunities and adventures. Take in as much nature as you can handle and keep those bad bugs away.

Happy spring!

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner