Sep 19, 2016

Let’s talk Super Lice.

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The media is at it again, talking about these little buggers and their new super genetic DNA. The study, presented in August 2015 at the American Chemical Society meeting, states that, of the 109 populations of head lice collected in 30 states, 95% (104 populations) contained lice that have the resistant gene. The authors are Kyong Sup Yoon, Ph.D. a professor of biology and toxicology at Southern Illinois University and John Clark, Ph.D., professor of toxicology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Did you know the study was partially funded by Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, the maker of a prescription lice removal product? While there is no evidence that the doctors were paid to provide certain results for the study, it raises my BS antenna. It's highly suspicious to me that a pharmaceutical company funds a study on head lice resistance and then tells me that the usual methods don't work AND doesn't mention any other natural treatments or even combing which is obviously the safest choice. We have all read the scary headlines. Dig a little deeper and you'll find the more in-depth report, which includes just one or two lines claiming that—surprise!—a new chemical lotion created by a pharma company will do the trick AND insurance covers it! Smells fishy, right?

Far be it for me to question a scientific study done by two reputable Ph.D.'s, but I have a couple of questions: Where were the lice collected and who were they collected from? People who had already tried one of these chemical treatments and had already removed most of the lice? Or were people who were infested with non-resistant lice not included in study samples because they used an OTC treatment and it worked?

I’m here to tell you the good news: Natural lice removal is possible, and it's highly effective! Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye uses enzymes made of yeast, salt, and water to help stun and dissolve the body of a live bug and even more importantly, it dissolves the glue that the nits stick to the hair shaft with, making combing safe and effective. A good comb, a good conditioner, and some time are all you need. As my co-worker Melissa says, why can’t we start by using natural, safer products and then work our way up to the big guns if needed?

So I'm sure this seems self-servicing, right? I sell these products! Wouldn't it be to my benefit to talk up the benefits of natural lice treatment? The thing is, I'm a Mom first. I try every day to be a good parent and make educated decisions based on all my late-night reading. While far from perfect, (if you read my past blogs you know how I hate perfect!), I try to buy healthier foods and use more natural products. I want to know my options because there are always choices to be made—I just want the media, the big pharma companies, and our government to provide me with ALL the information I need to make the best choices for myself and my family.

How do you feel about this study? Do you feel you got the whole story on mutant super lice? Will you try more natural lice removal products; stick with the resistant OTC products? Or will you try the new breed of pharmaceuticals? Let's discuss!

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family

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