Mar 07, 2018

Back on Stage

Back on Stage

As Mom's it's so hard to do something that is just for us. Something that we truly enjoy that has no bearing on our families, our work or our social lives. I'm sure some of you get personal satisfaction out of going to a gym, but I am not one of them. I have tried many times and the closest I came to really focusing on me was during a sparring/boxing class - but that might have just been self-preservation.

I was recently given an opportunity to do something that I used to love to do. Something that doesn't involve my kids, my husband or my business and I was blown away by how much I loved to think about me for a change.

Most of you know from my bio here at Fairy Tales that I used to be a stand-up comedian. Every night for 6 years, I got on any stage I could find and did my shtick. It was exhilarating, scary, grueling and just about as much fun as I have ever had. But alas, the hundreds of tv shows I auditioned for were never made and the time seemed right to give it up when I met Rob and we decided to focus on building Fairy Tales.

Recently, I was asked to host our town's StorySlam. A StorySlam involves a contest where people tell a 5 minute story based on a pre-chosen theme. As the host, I would tell my own story to get the night started and then guide the audience along thru the night while introducing each storyteller. Sometimes I would stick in my 2 cents, sometimes I would make a joke or ask a question - but there I was on stage again. The thrill of provoking laughter, the feeling of being truly in the moment and flexing that comedy muscle again was exhilarating! I hardly slept that night just replaying the night in my mind and feeling like that part of me that was buried deep down had risen again and wanted to be heard.

I now have a monthly gig hosting Montclair Film's StorySlam! Being asked to host again literally brought tears to my eyes. I hope everyone gets to experience something that satisfies in such a personal way - it is truly a gift!

What do you do for "just you?" How does it make you feel?? Share your story with us!

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family