May 25, 2021

Best Head Lice Treatment for Kids

Best Head Lice Treatment for Kids

How to treat Head lice and Nits naturally in children
Got bugs? While the thought of tiny pests taking up residence in your kid’s hair is enough to give any parent the heebie jeebies, turns out the only threat head lice poses is an itchy scalp and the need for a good house cleaning. Many kids get lice at some point and it’s nothing to stress about. Taking steps to get rid of lice and nits (their eggs) stat is the best way to contain the problem.

There are many different types of products that help with lice removal ranging from chemicals, to smothering agents, to enzyme lice shampoos. With so many options available, it’s no wonder the lice treatment process can be confusing. Fairy Tales Hair Care is here to help break down the difference between natural vs. chemical lice treatments.

Over the years head lice have become resilient to the over-the-counter treatments available. They’ve mutated and become a breed of “super lice” that are more difficult to get rid of. Natural enzyme rich formulas have an edge over traditional OTC products because even super lice aren’t immune to these products. Natural enzyme shampoos for head lice removal are non-toxic, rinse out easily and can be used on all age and hair types. Enzymes can be used regularly and work by washing away lice and their eggs.

A lice comb is arguably the most important non-toxic weapon in your defense against head lice – prevention and treatment. The Terminator Comb has teeth close together and grooved edges. Topical applications of lice removal products on their own remove lice, but do not remove their eggs. The only way to remove nits (lice eggs) is by combing the hair with a lice comb. It’s important to choose a quality lice comb with long tines to catch and remove the lice and eggs.

There are many different kinds of head lice treatments available today, so it's important to do your research and find the best head lice treatment for you. Fairy Tales Hair Care’s Lice Good-Bye Survival Kit is a one-stop package for lice removal. It contains an enzyme lice shampoo to remove lice, super lice and nits, plus the best lice removal comb and a sample size of the bestselling Rosemary Repel lice prevention spray. Grab your kit now so you can be prepared in the event your child comes home with head lice.

Risa Barash,
Founder & Owner of the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family