Nov 03, 2020

Dear COVID.... ✍️

Dear COVID.... ✍️


I am so trying to be patient and tolerant of you, but now you have ruined my favorite holiday and I just need to say this out loud: GO THE F*** AWAY ALREADY!!!! A Barash Thanksgiving is an epic weeklong event for our family. Because we are scattered up and down the East Coast, we make a week of it, and for me, the planning starts months in advance. I like to treat the 7 cousins to a super fun event in NYC, dinners at our fav NJ spots, and the best part – those amazing late nights sitting with my parents, my brother, and sister just enjoying being together again.

COVID, I have been patient even when you infected my son, left alone in a college dorm to recover. I have been patient when you ruined high school graduation, prom, and so many other family gatherings. I have tried to mediate, self-medicate, take baths, and read about how to thrive in a time of uncertainty. Guess what? I’m done! I never liked taking baths, I’m a bad drinker, and I just want my freaking life back. I’m sick of reading on social media about how others are coping and looking at nice pictures of food they have cooked. Guess what? I hate cooking, and because I like to support my local restaurants, I have gained 8 pounds. GO AWAY COVID!

I know, people have lost loved ones and I know, my complaints are minimal. But you know what, they’re my complaints and it’s my world, and right now, I just want my world back. I want my house packed with 7 teenagers who lay around on their phones until it’s time to do something I planned. I want to yell at my Dad to get off the ladder. He’s 79 and doesn’t need to change lightbulbs. I want to get annoyed at my Mom for taking over my kitchen and then not hearing me when I yell at her about it! GO AWAY COVID.

So, now I will have a Zoom Thanksgiving. Not sure what that even means just that there will be no hugs, no Fireball shots, and no weeklong fun with the ones I love the most. So screw you COVID, please go away.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Zoom me if you need someone to do a shot with!

Stay safe, be smart and be well.

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family