Nov 07, 2019

🍂 Happy Fall & Goodbye Football 🏈

🍂 Happy Fall & Goodbye Football 🏈

Happy November! Y’all know its sweater weather and I am the happiest person ever these days! The weather is turning colder, back to school season is winding down, the kids are in their groove at school and football season is almost over forever.

Everyone knows that I still don’t understand how Jack decided in 10th grade to play football. Now, if you had said to me, “Risa, Jack is going to the moon” I would have understood. Jack wants to be a running back is just something so foreign to me. But after 3 seasons, the last game is tomorrow night and I’m finding myself ridiculously emotional. Not about the sport, let’s be real – its absurd how the goal is to tackle someone to the ground. No, it’s been about watching my son grow as a man because he was part of a team. It’s about the respect, camaraderie, and bonding that happens when a group of boys work together, play together, eat dinner together and many Friday nights, they watch their Moms have even more fun together. What I came to understand was that not only did Jack become part of a team, but I did as well. The Senior Moms rooted for our sons, we yelled at the refs (politely – usually), we called plays from the stands (sometimes, better than the coach – just saying) and we sat around a table each Friday night talking and always laughing. As a latecomer to the group, I found myself surrounded by Moms that have watched their kids play football for many years. They were all so kind when I stood up and yelled, “Don’t touch my boy” after many plays or when I stood up and yelled, “Run away from the ball, dammit Jack!” (still can’t believe I said that one out loud!). Just last week, when Jack recovered an onside kick and helped ensure a victory, I subsequently burst out crying because I was so overcome with joy at seeing him so happy and proud. I watched how each of my new friends turned to smile at me, knowing exactly what I was feeling at that moment. These women were not only happy for Jack of course, but me too! It was a brief moment, but I felt so connected to something I had been so opposed to for so long. Nice to know you really are never too old to learn a life lesson!

So, as the season is winding down and college apps are being submitted, my Senior football Moms and I are making plans to continue our dinners. We are bonded – by the seasoned player who can catch anything, to the QB who is on his way to Cornell (fingers crossed N!), to yelling “Luch” after a great tackle, to the skinniest kids I have ever seen who always play the entire game, and all the rest of the senior boys who each week put on those pads and scare the crap out of their mommas but make us all so darn proud! I will miss that cowbell Kendra, but it will always ring in my heart!

Happy Fall!

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family