Feb 11, 2021

February 2021: The Season for Self-Care

February 2021: The Season for Self-Care

February 2021. Is it me or has it already been a long year?? I do feel a slight shift in the world these days-do you? I feel like my shoulders have dropped a little and that my stress meter is slightly dipping downward. I’m happy to finally hear on the news that the mental health of our kids is finally being seriously discussed. The recent news about the high suicide rate amongst teens is just heartbreaking and so frightening. Feels like the entire world has entered the same mental fatigue stage of this. It’s interesting how everyone just keeps saying how over it they are and people are now freely admitting that it’s starting to emotionally wear them down. I do really feel a shift happening though. I feel like it’s the start of the beginning of the end. But we have a lot of work to do! It’s now time to collectively focus on solutions to the things we were previously fighting over. We really need to start listening to one another and just do better!

One thing we can agree on is that we need some return to normalcy soon. Kids need to go back to school, the workforce needs to return, people need to travel and most importantly, humans need other human interaction. This pandemic has been going on too long and it’s really starting to show cracks in our psyche. I realized recently that I’m past the ‘personal growth’ phase of this global pandemic and I'm dipping a toe in the ‘knee deep in my own crazy’ phase! Like most of us, I started this thinking I need to learn to bake, to meditate and train for a half marathon. One year later, I just need to remember what day it is before I embarrass myself and try to wash my hair more than once a week.

We are all going to be forever changed by this experience. All ages from kids to seniors will carry scars. I realized the other day that the only ones to not be negatively affected are dogs. Dogs love having their humans home 24/7. Dogs have never felt more love, been better fed or walked. Duke just sits and stares at me and follows me around all day happy as could be!

The one thing I keep coming back to is the mindful practice of self care. No matter how crazy I feel, each day I try to stop and to remind myself of what I am grateful for - usually as I I sip wine while doing a face mask :). There is light at the end of the tunnel; I believe we are all starting to feel that too. So each day I will get up and brush my teeth, comb my hair and get dressed in my new, chic loungewear (aka pajamas). Like most of us these days, I just look at my jeans and laugh long and hard. Life is good!

I would love to hear from you!! Please share what your tips are for self care - how much wine can one mama drink???

Stay safe, be smart and be well.

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family