Feb 05, 2020

Goodbye High School, Hello College…

Goodbye High School, Hello College…

Happy February! So, is Winter almost over? If Spring is around the corner, that means Jack’s high school graduation is coming up fast and I need to prepare myself. I am happy to report that the college search is over, and a decision has been made – Tulane University Class of 2024 here he comes!

This 2-year long process was not only challenging and expensive but a fascinating lesson in parenting. As parents, we think we know our kids better than they know themselves. I think subconsciously we put our kids in a certain category and we have a hard time thinking outside of who we think they are. If you would have asked me the perfect college for him and the school I thought he would be least interested in, we would not be yelling Roll Wave next year! I would have bet the farm that Jack would have chosen a small, liberal arts college up North somewhere with ivy covered buildings and dorms filled with fellow Star Wars fans. We visited many, many of these because I thought I knew what he needed out of his college experience. While they were all beautiful and would have been fine, Jack wasn’t looking for “fine.”

College in New Orleans is just about the biggest stretch Jack could make and I couldn’t be prouder of him. I’m also a little ashamed of myself; I didn’t encourage him to get out of his comfort zone. That he did this on his own is something I’d like to take credit for, but I just think that’s who Jack is. Maybe having a crazy entrepreneur for a Mother has subconsciously shown him to take chances and be a risk taker. Who knows?? I try to tell my kids as well as the staff here to “FAIL FORWARD.” It’s ok to fall flat on your face as long as you pick yourself up, learn from the experience and move on!

I’m going to try and practice what I preach. I am going to promise Ava that I will let her guide her own college search. However, for those that know my TikTok queen, this might be easier said than done… Ahhh, the joys of parenting!

Roll Wave!

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family