Feb 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day 💘

Happy Valentines Day 💘

Valentine's Day can be fun with your spouse, but when you have children it takes on a whole new meaning.

I never needed my husband to shower me with flowers, chocolates and jewelry on only ONE day a year. I prefer to think that if he see's something I like that will put a smile on my tired face, he's going to pick it up for me. Once, we were driving to Vermont and he picked me up a can of Spam because I was hungry and we were in the middle of nowhere. He's really thoughtful like that.

However, when our kids were born, I quickly realized that I wasn't even getting a can of Spam anymore! He bought them a plethora of cards; from us, from the dog, the fish, and the vacuum cleaner – anything he could find that said Happy Valentine's Day. He bought the kids flowers, chocolates, Thomas the Tank Engine trains and dolls – anything to watch that look of pure joy on our children's faces.

I loved every second of this – Rob is so cute and loving with our kids that I didn't notice there was no cans of Spam anymore. Now the kids are growing up and Valentine's Day doesn't have the same excitement anymore. Jack is now 16 and grunting hellos and Ava, almost 14, finds us "kinda annoying."

I think now is the perfect time for me to rethink Valentine's Day and make me, once again, Queen of my Castle! After nearly 20 years of marriage, I think I'm going to need some help. Can everyone email Rob and tell him red roses, milk chocolate and diamonds – not necessarily in that order!

PS – that Vermont Spam is still unopened on a shelf in our basement. It remains a symbol of our relationship - silly, kind of weird but meant to go the distance. Happy Valentine's Day.

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family