Apr 04, 2019

TBH, Spring has Sprung 🌱

TBH, Spring has Sprung 🌱

Happy Spring! Well, we're hoping anyway, right? I’m still wearing my winter coat so I'm thinking Mother Nature is still on Spring Break!

What a long winter this has been. We have been so busy here at Fairy Tales! We took over the other side of our building as we are busting out of our existing office and warehouse. We will now have 4 loading docks which for some reason makes me giddy. It used to be shoes, now its truck spots??!!

Business is booming thanks to our amazing partners such as Walmart & Target! Rosemary Repel is not only at Walmart in Hair Care but now the First Aid section will carry Rosemary Shampoo & Spray as well. We are also super excited that Target will be carrying additional products such as Sun & Swim, Tangle Tamer and Curly Q in select stores this summer – stay tuned as we will be sharing Target store availability. Also check out your local supermarkets as we are now in HyVee, Meijer’s, Wegmans, Albertsons and more.

And of course, our TBH Kids launch has been so incredible. We can’t thank you all enough for your support, the amazing feedback and your orders! TBH Kids was created as I watched my kids grow up and need hair and skin products that was specifically formulated for them. The Wipes have been blowing out of here daily – I guess everyone else has the same problem I do – getting your tweens to WASH! Leaving a pack of TBH Wipes on their nightstand has made such a difference in our lives. The comments have been so funny as we all seem to be having the same conversations about hygiene with our tweens. I did receive the highest compliment from my dear son Jack recently. He said, “You know Mom, that shampoo really works good.” He’s 17, that was like a dissertation for him!

So, in honor of Spring and a fresh new start, we would like to offer you a super discount on TBH Kids. Enter TBHSPRING at checkout on www.tbhkids.com and receive 25% off your order until April 10. And, let us know what you think – I love to hear from you. risa@tbhkids.com

Happy Spring!

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family