Feb 16, 2016

Moving Can Be Hair Raising - Keep it Smooth!

Clothes On The Bed

We've all had our share of Hair Raising adventures, both good and bad.
I am certainly no exception to the rule. This year has been one full of events that have left me in a whirlwind. Most recently I went through two stressful moves.

First, we moved our corporate headquarters. This was a big, exciting leap for Fairy Tales; we had grown too big for our old office space. Moving 10,000 bottles and 15 employees was no easy task! But with some good organization and a lot of planning, we did it.

Two months later, my family moved from our house of 15 years to our dream home a few towns over. Let me ask you, how many gift bags with tissue paper do you keep? Apparently, I kept approximately 200. Exaggeration? Maybe, but not by much! Apparently, I am a hoarder and I didn’t know it. I don’t know why we own 75 towels and 12 sets of sheets, but we do.

Talk about a comedy of errors. If anyone has had to plan a move involving kids, husband and furry friends than you know what I am talking about. Did you know that a two-day move in professional mover language means "we take your stuff and hold it at the end of day one and bring it back to your new house on day 2?" Where the heck we were supposed to sleep between day one and two if our mattresses are stored away? Apparently, a question I did not know to ask. And seriously, how does one box get lost… said box contains a 12 year old's entire stock of underwear? Poor Ava – she learned the definition of "commando" the hard way!

We all manage so many things these days. It's sometimes so hard to keep it all together and try and do the right thing. Unfortunately, sometimes we must accept defeat and sleep with just a blanket on a wooden floor - or run to Target at 8 am and buy 4 packs of underwear! My kids might have been exhausted for a few days and slept in their school clothes, but darn it, if their hair didn't look great!

Honestly, we use Tangle Tamers® so at least their hair looked good! I will take a win wherever I can these days. So, the moral of the story is when you move, ask a lot of questions, pack a suitcase with a change of clothes and keep Tangle Tamer® on you at all times.

For all life's hair raising adventures – Fairy Tales is here to help!

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family

Top Five Ways to Avoid Tangles (and static too!):

5. Get a Trim. Cutting off split ends makes our hair more manageable and keeps hair from getting tangled.

4. Protect During Sleep. Use a silk or polished cotton pillowcase to cut down on friction. For long hair, try a loose braid at night like Laura Ingalls Wilder. Seriously.

3. Cool Water Rinse. Just like in the military, rinse your kiddos in cool water. Remember, hair likes water temperatures just a bit warmer than body temperature. In winter, avoid hot steamy showers for smoother hair.

2. Give it a Good Brushing. When I was a girl, we were told 100 strokes before bed and 100 in the morning for smooth, shiny hair. Combing out the little tangles morning and night will prevent the big ones from forming.

1. Hydrate & Condition. Yes, this is #1! Lucky for you, Fairy Tales makes a great line of products to keep hair hydrated and conditioned – naturally! Tangle Tamers® Shampoo, conditioner and detangler can be used daily to keep hair protected during these cold, dry winter months.

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