Feb 01, 2021

Natural Keratin in Kids Shampoo and Conditioner

Natural Keratin in Kids Shampoo and Conditioner
Difference between natural keratin and keratin treatment

Does your little’s tangled, frizzy hair have you in a tizzy? The whining that ensues when it’s time to brush out the knots is cringeworthy. Not to mention, the pain your child experiences is real. Your typical anti-tangle hair products aren’t doing the trick – so what gives!

Often times, kids shampoo and conditioners are marketed as detangling and anti frizz, but they’re lacking essential ingredients to get the job done. Since keratin is a protein naturally found in your hair, skin and nails, it makes sense that natural keratin as an ingredient will help strengthen hair and make it appear healthier.

What is Natural Keratin?
Keratin proteins serve as structural components of hair, skin and nails. The smooth, straight texture, strength, moisture and shine are all thanks to Keratin making up 65-95% of your hair’s inner and outer structure. Simply speaking, keratin proteins maintain the health of hair. While keratin can be restorative, it can also be damaged via poor hair care, knots in hair, and frequent heat applications. If your child’s hair appears limp and brittle, they may have damaged keratin.

Differences Between Natural Keratin and Keratin Treatment
Salon keratin treatments are quite costly and a time-consuming process promising to leave you with straight, frizz-free hair for at least 12 weeks. They generally contain large amounts of formaldehyde and emit chemical fumes during the process. This can be dangerous, especially if you get these treatments regularly.
On the other hand, natural keratin found in kids shampoos and conditioners don’t have the same toxic fumes and at the same time, won’t provide the same drastic results. Instead, natural keratin shampoos and conditioners help protect the hair against damage, and repair any damage that exists already, helping to smoothen your child’s hair, while making it stronger and shinier.

How Does Natural Keratin Help Kids Hair
Kids hair can benefit from natural keratin treatments too! Kids shampoos and conditioners containing natural keratin help repair damaged hair cuticles by attaching to the hair follicle, filling in any gaps to help strengthen the hair. This helps prevent future damage to your child’s hair protecting it from daily wear and tear. Plus, you can expect the following benefits for kid’s hair by using keratin hair products:

- Improved elasticity and strength – when the gaps are filled on the hair’s damaged cuticle, it becomes stronger and more resilient helping to prevent itself from breaking and becoming brittle.
- Smoother and straighter texture – repairing damage on the hair’s cuticle helps smooth out hair strands while preventing frizzy hair.
- Increased UV protection from the sun – the heat of the sun’s rays can be quite damaging to hair. Restoring keratin proteins in your child’s hair will help protect their hair from sun exposure.
- Increased moisture and shine – damaged hair is more prone to losing moisture and becoming dry. When the health of the hair strands is restored, they’re able to maintain moisture and thus appear shinier while having fewer split ends.

You can find safe, low levels of natural keratin in Fairy Tales Hair Care’s Tangle Tamer collection formulated for children. The collection comes with its own detangling kids shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray to help brush through easily tangled hair.

Stay safe, be smart and be well.

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family