Jun 03, 2020

Over 2,500 Hand Sanitizers and Counting…

Over 2,500 Hand Sanitizers and Counting…

As a small business owner, the time of COVID 19 has presented so many daily challenges. While it has become almost cliché to say, these “unprecedented times” have challenged me both personally and professionally like no other time in my life. Living in the NYC area, the death toll is a constant reminder that tomorrow is not always guaranteed.

As the world tries to find its way now, I can’t help but think about our kids and teachers. I wonder what the psychological effects on our kids will be if they don’t go back to school in Aug/Sept. I can only hope that people take the necessary precautions like wearing masks and practicing social distancing this summer to avoid a huge spike and ensure our kids can get back to their friends, teachers and classrooms. It just can’t be healthy to isolate children for so long and let’s not even get into the toll home schooling is taking on parents!

The one thing I have been able to take control of is how our company grows and gives back. We recently launched new hand sanitizers and we have more great products in the pipeline. Our giveaway with purchase, donations and #sanitizerforschools program has been a huge hit. We thank everyone for their amazing support. Our sanitizers are fragrance free and made with 80% alcohol making them a powerhouse to help keep us all safe. We have added some essential oils to our own sanitizers, and it’s been fun creating blends, so feel free to create your own signature scents!

We continue to giveaway to our customers when they purchase Fairy Tales Hair Care and we will also continue to give to the NJ Boys & Girls clubs as well. We hope our teachers and childcare workers will continue to submit their info so we can send them a 12 pack of sanitizers this August. We have given away over 1,000 sanitizers already and we have only just begun! Please pass our offer along to friends, family, and of course, our teachers.

Click here for details on the #sanitizerforschools program!

Stay safe, be smart and be well.

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family