Jan 27, 2023

Risa Spills Tea For 2023

Risa Spills Tea For 2023

Hi Moms & Dads! It has been a while since I’ve written Risa’s Rants but that doesn’t mean I have been slacking! I promise I have been working, parenting, stressing, traveling, and working some more - as always 😊


As you know, my daughter Ava spent the semester in Sevilla, Spain and lived what must be compared to a Netflix movie. Emily in Paris had nothing on Ava as she traveled to France, Portugal, Morocco, Italy as well as exploring all Spain had to offer! And she met just the greatest group of friends and a very special young man on this journey – literally a movie, right?? Ava is packing now for her next adventure to Normandy France for 10 weeks. If anyone is reading this who works at Netflix, please reach out!

Work has been just as exciting as we are getting ready to launch a subscription service! I have really gotten into these lately and it has made my life sooo much easier so I knew we had to do this for our busy FTHC family. You will be able to choose your favorite products, set the auto ship and lock in the very lowest prices on every order. We are going to offer specials, free products to try and we will guarantee you won’t find a better deal anywhere than on our site. I have come to rely on my staple items being delivered on auto ship and it truly is a game changer – one less thing to stress about is my mantra for 2023! So, keep your eye out for the launch and sign up - you can cancel at any time too – but I promise this is a keeper.

We have lots of great things in the works including new product launches and some fun packages for holidays – including a fun bath time special for Valentine’s Day. So, stay tuned, keep in touch and as always, we would love to hear from you. Have a suggestion for 2023 (or a Netflix contact 😊) email me at risa@fairytaleshaircare.com

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family