Feb 17, 2022

Sunny Days Ahead

Sunny Days Ahead

Greetings Moms & Dads! It is mid-February and dare I say, we are nearing the end of this 2-year nightmare?? I for one, am going with this as I have just about reached the point of mental exhaustion. 


When I think back over the last 2 years, all I seem to remember is not the baking of bread, or the stress of running a business but the feeling that this robbed me of time.  Time with my family, time with my coworkers and time to enjoy the success that I have worked so hard for. 


Rosemary Repel was one of those things that when I tell people was a victim of covid, they realize that with kids out of school and social distancing, head lice cases were down over 70%. Now, I know, that makes most parents happy, but to us, lice prevention was a huge part of our business.  We are all about prevention – not lice removal so we were forced to rethink our business strategies.  That is a lot to take on along with all the other fears covid brought us.

I am so happy to say that whether lice make a huge comeback or not, Fairy Tales Hair Care has successfully grown our other collections to more than make up for the lost lice
😊 But whew, what a stressful time this was!  My amazing finance team met with me weekly to give me updates and as a creative by nature, this was more than I ever wanted to know about cash flow. On the plus side, I now can read a balance sheet and a pivot table like a rockstar!


So, while I can’t get back time, I can get back the feeling that we are not going anywhere and my little company is here to stay!  I would like to thank all of you, our amazing customers for trying our other lines. Tangle Tamer, Curly Q and the new Daily Cleanse saw 300% growth and our Sun & Swim line was the hit of last summer as many of you passed the time swimming in your new pools! 


Our Rewards program became a huge part of our growth as we gained so many new fans and we were able to offer amazing sales, freebies and more to our loyal followers.  While I wouldn’t go back for a second, I now have a new confidence in my abilities to lead with conviction, honesty and integrity.


As we look ahead, I will share that Sunny Days are coming!  Sunny Days is the name of our new Sun & Swim Body Wash that will be out next month 😊 We hope that your whole family enjoys this pina colada in a bottle as you wash away the stresses of life as well as chlorine and sea salts! We hope you join our Rewards program, as we will have some great giveaways and sales to launch this new area for us.


If we have learned anything, it’s that pivoting and growing is integral for success and the team here at Fairy Tales will never let anything get us down.  As my Grandpa Harry used to say, intestinal fortitude is what sets apart the men from the boys! Or something like that….he messed up a lot of words back in the day!


Onward and upward! 


Risa Barash,
Founder & Owner of the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family