Nov 10, 2015

We Can't Do Everything

Risa In A Laundry Basket With Wine And Her Computer

Staying Sane this Holiday Season

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to say No!

Running a business, caring for my family and staying relatively sane are enough for me. The arrival of the holiday season can begin to feel like a race to Hades if I am not careful with my yes responses. In years past, I have said yes too much and then ended the year exhausted and kinda crazy. Not this year. I am committed to saying no - or else I might be committed. To begin with, I ruled out Black Friday shopping. I said no to the crowds and the chaos. Instead I opted to shop Cyber Monday sales from the comfort of my home, a glass of wine in hand. I especially love the stores that extend Cyber Monday all weekend- great excuse to sit at home and not even comb your hair!.

We don't need everything.

This is obvious, right? But too often we get wrapped up in the new and improved and lose sight of all that we have – ironically, right after Thanksgiving. I invite you to join me in a gratitude practice this holiday season. On even the most difficult days, look at what you have and just take a deep breath and be grateful. Have some wine - it helps. When my nieces got off a plane and descended on my house with 3 blonde heads full of lice, I was grateful my kids and I didn’t get it! I was extra grateful for a few things - the code to the Fairy Tales warehouse so I could pick up Lice Good-Bye & Rosemary Repel on a Sunday night, vodka (wine wasn’t strong enough!) and my sense of humor. We choose how we react, right?

Let’s keep our wits while we shop.

I say this to remind myself. We all have enough stuff. Buy things we can actually use and enjoy. Like Lego’s and shoes! Really, who can ever have enough of either?? But seriously, plan your purchases; think about what we need, not always want. Then just maybe we won’t freak out when we see the credit card statements next month.

Our practice to stay sane this holiday season...

Say No.
Embrace Gratitude.
Shop Sensibly.

Of course, you'll need Rosemary Repel® Shampoo, Crème Conditioner & Conditioning Spray for all the holiday parties in the coming months. I am a businesswoman after all! Remember, you can't avoid head to head contact at family parties - but you can avoid Aunt Esther pinching your cheeks!

I am looking out for you.



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Here's to our Sanity!

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner