May 03, 2019

Yay May! ☀️ Getting ready for Summer!

Yay May! ☀️ Getting ready for Summer!

Happy May! I am so happy it’s warm weather time and I could finally put my winter coat away! I bought a white coat and every single winter day I regretted that decision. I thought I was being different, and it would send a, “hey I’m an upbeat, energetic person” vibe. But alas, it did not. All it did was make me look like someone who needed to do more laundry. Live and learn, right?

So, guess what I want for Mother’s Day? No flowers, jewelry or spa days for me. I want a plain, warm black winter coat. Sometimes I really am low maintenance!

For us May begins the planning for summer camp and as you all know it’s my favorite 7 weeks of the year. The kids are gone, I don’t go food shopping, there is less laundry to do, and no one to yell at but my husband. Seriously, camp is more of a gift for me than my kids. However, Jack has aged out and will only be gone for 3 weeks this summer at a college program. I am slightly devastated but am coming to terms. Ava is officially counting the days and I don’t blame her. This year she will spend 4 weeks out West and 3 in camp. The kids look forward to this summer since their first year as it’s the experience of a lifetime. Of course, the packing is intense, but I am blessed with a teenage daughter that doesn’t care about clothes! Yay Ava! However, she does care about her hair as you would expect, right? After all, we manufactured over a million bottles of hair care last year! I am proud to say that Ava’s bunk has never had a lice outbreak -yes, I do supply the entire bunk with lots of Rosemary Repel shampoo, conditioner and leave in Spray! As they got older, I sent Sun & Swim and Bug Bandit, too. Now that they are 15 (!) we send lots of TBH as well. Especially face wipes so there’s no excuse to wash your face! This amazing group of girls have been my testers for years and I adore all of them! Especially the ones that repost on their social channels how much they love TBH, Fairy Tales and me of course! In truth, what I love most is the incredible friendships and the camp bond that is eternal. Camp has taught my children how to be a good friend, how-to-live in harmony with others and live without me for a few short weeks. It’s the gift that keeps on giving-like a plain black, warm winter coat.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner & the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care Family